How many times have you heard the following in conversations, or caught yourself saying these statements? –

“I’m too old to (fill in the blank)???

“At my age I couldn’t possibly (fill in the blank)???

“People of my age don’t do that sort of thing???

What are your beliefs?

Some of the above may genuinely be true for one reason or another.  On many occasions these kind of statements are a sign of beliefs that have been taken on board about the aging process.  The beliefs you hold are not necessarily useful or helpful in how you handle the changes of getting older.

What is true is that we go through a transformation at midlife.  This transformation is physical, mental, emotional and for some spiritual.

The transformation of getting older

Every single person on the planet will go through the aging process.  Some people will choose to delay the process by undergoing  cosmetic surgery and enhancements.  While this may delay the visual effects of getting older, time will continue to march on regardless.





There is a positive side of the physical transformation that takes place in midlife.  You have a conscious choice of making more informed intelligent choices about your health due to having access to a vast array of information available.  Improved results follows positive action.

It is a true saying that true beauty lies within and never ages.  Inner beauty is also something that is reflected outwards. It is just as important to take care of the inside as much as the outside.

The positive side of midlife transformation is that there is a tendency to be more reflective.  There tends to be more clarity on what you don’t want and what you do. You also have the wisdom of age to say so assertively.

The wrinkles on your face are a sign of the life you have led. They reflect  all that you have experienced both good and bad.




Time passes quickly, and each day merges into another.   Before you know it you are into your 40s thinking “wow, that came around quick!???

What can we expect?

But what actually happens at midlife?  What can be expected?   How can you be prepared when it arrives; physically, mentally and emotionally?

There are certain changes that take place physically at midlife, both for men and women.  Some men go through the male version of menopause otherwise known as andropause.  Women go through menopause.

The arrival of menopause

Menopause generally does not arrive unannounced and is preceded by a phase called perimenopause at around age 35.  Menopause is the term that describes the phase of having no periods for 12 months or 24 months if a woman is under the age of 50.

It is imperative that healthy lifestyle choices and healthy eating habits are established early on well before perimenopause.

The positive side of midlife transformation is that unfortunately you are more likely to have witnessed and been emotionally touched by illness in family and friends.  This motivates change.

Loss and learning

Many of you will have lost loved ones.  This can increase  determination and motivation to take more responsibility for the health and wellness choices you make.

You may find you have more time on your hands to focus on your wellbeing particularly if children have left home or you are retired.

Start to reflect on some of the choices you are making.  Are these choices moving you towards good health for the future or away from?




If you choose to eat processed food and takeaways, your body will not get the nutrition that it needs to function optimally.   There are effects and consequences of making unhealthy lifestyle diet and lifestyle decisions.




Move your body

The body needs exercise.   It is great to see the promotion of devices that encourage you to be aware of how many steps you take a day along with a whole lot of other useful information.  These devices  help keep you on track of your exercise routine.

Your body was created to move, not to be sedentary and sit still in an office all day, or lie on a sofa all night.  Your joints and muscles all need movement and stretching to keep you strong, toned and flexible.




Muscle and bone mass decreases in your 30s onwards.  This is a great time for women to incorporate weights into their exercise regimen to encourage tone and muscle mass.

Not to forget the feel good rush of endorphins flowing around the body with exercise.

Going through midlife transformation can be a positive time that encourages you to make changes that you may have been putting off.  It is a time when you can no longer ignore the signs that your body gives you in terms of stiffness, aches, pains and weight gain.

Many people say that they get a “second wind??? in midlife.  If you approach this time with a healthy attitude, and mind-set followed by the correct actions and lifestyle choices then midlife will likely be a lot more comfortable and easy for you.

Is it time for you to make some changes?  Why not start today?