I first began working with Isobel a few years ago and boy do I wish I had found her sooner.  Not only does she make you feel at ease, but she is also a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in her work.  All of this and working from her heart allows you to take control of your life once again to love the skin you are in.  In addition, supporting you fully as you accomplish your dreams and goals. Love this lady, best coach therapist I have ever met!


Isobel really got me.  She has the ability to detect my mood in a split second. How to nurture my single-mindedness, passion and determination, and not to take away the real me.  I’ve built on the skills I’ve learned and I am experiencing a life that is so much more positive, fulfilling and richer than previously.

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey.  We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them, and for the growth they have helped us to achieve.  Isobel McArthur is one such person in my life.

Isobel is passionate about life and it shows through her energy and enthusiasm.  Her easy going, friendly nature and professionalism provide a personality that creates a relaxed and powerful atmosphere.  She makes you see yourself, places a high value on the sessions being about you, motivates and pushes you in a gentle manner. I recommend her services highly.


I highly recommend Isobel McArthur and the Flourish Beyond 40 programme to any women in midlife and beyond. Isobel once told me that in life there are living angels that help and protect us without us realizing it at the time. Over the last couple of years, I have come to realize this is true and I am blessed that Isobel is one of my living angels that helps me through life. I cannot recommend her enough.


“Having known and worked with Isobel for many years, I am excited, delighted and ignited to see her continuing to be a guiding light for others. I cannot think of anyone more capable of doing so – you are a beacon of light Isobel, keep shining! ”


Dearest Isobel,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a testimonial for you, and for your unfailing support and help. Where and how can I begin to say what a godsend you have been for both Nikhil and myself!! I met you when I was going through one of the toughest periods in my life. My father had just passed away and Nikhil had left to go to Canada to study.   I will never forget the first time I called you for an appointment. It was like you knew what I needed immediately. Since then, you have become my mentor and Life Coach!

Isobel is very gifted, well read and practiced Holistic and Spiritual person, who is much more talented than she lets on. She gives whole-heartedly, is generous, understanding and extremely supportive. Bless her, she has been a rock of support for both me and my son and is always there to help, support and guide BUT NEVER force me to do anything.

She is qualified in a number disciplines, (the list is endless, so best ask her), but I have been to her for Coaching, The Flourish Beyond 40 Women’s Wellness Programme, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & Reiki.  I think she is BRILLIANT and would recommend her without the tiniest doubt. And I can’t thank her enough.


“Life had battered me down.  Difficult relationships, feeling let down, lost and finally cancer came visiting. The journey was hard and lonely. I was left wondering what my purpose in life was. I had lost my way and I had to get it back. I embarked on the Flourish Beyond 40 Programme and I did not realize how much the programme would rebuild and strengthen me. Slowly I could feel a change in myself. My confidence grew every day.  I use the programme daily and am now studying for an MA at University. I have emerged healthier, stronger and wiser thanks to Isobel and the Flourish Beyond 40 Women’s Wellness Programme.


I had the pleasure of working with Isobel McArthur and cannot speak highly enough of her.  We had several disappointments with our IVF treatment and I’d almost given up hope of ever having a baby. On our last round of treatment, I started seeing Isobel and after the first session, I felt completely different. I had a challenging pregnancy but I feel with Isobel’s methods a successful one. We are now the luckiest, proudest parents of our bouncing healthy baby boy.

If you’re in any doubt, just take that change, miracles do happen and Isobel helped wholeheartedly with ours.

Emma Foers

I cannot recommend the Flourish Beyond 40 programme enough. Nor Isobel’s unique and personalized approach to taking every step with you.  I have learned to incorporate harmony and balance into a busy schedule. I’ve learned how to meditate, I’ve tweaked my diet and exercise regimen and learned to manage my stress levels. Plus my emotional wellbeing has had an overhaul too! Highly recommended.