Isobel has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 20 years.  She offers Reiki training courses throughout the UK and abroad


What is Reiki?

Each person experiences Reiki in a different way. It is difficult to describe Reiki in words as it is best understood at the experiential level. The benefits that this healing modality can bring are frequently described as wonderful see our testimonials. During a Reiki session, the recipient enters a deep state of peace and relaxation. The body becomes very relaxed and calm as any tension and anxiety melt away. These feelings are long-lasting. Tension and anxiety melt away.



In learning Reiki, you will go through an attunement process. This allows the student to connect to the unlimited source of energy that surrounds us, and to channel that energy within a healing of self or others.


One of Isobel’s greatest passions is to teach Reiki


Most people express a desire to learn Reiki once they experience the positive benefits it can bring. No “special gift” is required, just the desire to help yourself and others. Isobel has witnessed amazing life changes unfold for people who have taken the Reiki path. Her style of teaching is warm, loving, caring, compassionate and fun!

On completion of each of the courses you will receive:

A Reiki Manual for the degree attained

A Reiki Certificate

Ongoing support

Reiki First Degree – Course content

Origin and history of Reiki

Explanation of Reiki and how it is used

Introduction to the Chakra System and correlation to the Endocrine system

The Reiki Hand Positions

The Reiki Principles

Protection and grounding

Attunement Process



Clearing your aura and energy field

Cleansing and preparing your environment

Guidance on daily practice sessions

Guidelines on working on others

Guidelines on working on animals


Reiki Second Degree – Course content

The Reiki symbols and their applications

Identification of symbols, energy, and purpose

Distant healing

Global healing

Beaming and scanning

Chakra balancing





Reiki Mastership – Course content

Symbols traditional and non-traditional

Antahkarana and the uses of

Antahkarana meditations

Reiki Meditation

Violet Breath

Kidney Breathing

Hui Yin

Learn how to perform attunements

Learn how to teach all levels of Reiki

Management of classes

Teaching guidelines

Adequate practice time

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