Module 9 – Wealthy Wisdom




This Module Contains:

  • The meaning of abundance
  • Cash consciousness
  • 3 steps to financial freedom
  • 7 ways to stop the splurge
  • How to budget effectively and well
  • Create more financial flow
  • Why your why is so important
  • Deal with debt
  • Property & investments
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Deep dive questions and action plans
  • Addressing your beliefs and attitudes towards financial abundance

Are you ready to embrace positive change? Do you want to feel and be abundant?  Are you ready to take control of your finances? Do you want to be debt free?

In this module, you will learn a few tips about money that will help you make it work for you more effectively, allowing you to enjoy a better lifestyle than the one you have presently.  Remember that midlife is not an ending, it is an exciting new beginning, rich with opportunities and possibilities for you to explore, this is your time to invest in your health, wealth, wisdom and happiness. There is no doubt that money brings an element of freedom, more comfort and choices.

It would be nice to arrive at a point in the future where you feel completely secure in both of the above areas. Security is important for every woman, whether that be financial security or emotional security. In some ways, both of these are connected to each other.  Unfortunately, life events happen and the financial picture you painted for yourself may not turn out the way that you planned. Wherever you are on the financial scale, the one thing to remember is that happiness and health is priceless and cannot be bought. Some of the richest people in the world are lonely, sad and unhappy.

MP3 Wealthy wisdom

Why not purchase this MP3 and lie back and relax to integrate and reinforce the wealthy wisdom mindset.  Burst through limiting beliefs or feelings of lack, and be super motivated to take control of your finances by starting where you are. You will find this in the shop.