Module 7 – Weight Management & Excercise




This Module Contains:

  • Addressing weight issues in midlife and beyond
  • Banish the bulge
  • Fad diets and conscious healthy eating
  • Flourish Beyond 40 top healthy eating tips
  • Suggested eating planner
  • Strategies and techniques to tackle cravings
  • Deep dive questionnaires
  • Action plans
  • Breakthrough procrastination, and limiting beliefs
  • Supercharge your motivation
  • 10 step in letting go of alcohol
  • Drinks diary
  • Embracing and enjoying regular exercise
  • The Flourish Beyond 40 exercise video for beginners to advanced level

Weight and weight management can be a highly emotional subject for many women, especially while undergoing the physical changes of menopause and the associated hormonal fluctuations.  There may be days when you feel bloated and that your weight is redistributing, which may, in fact, be true.  This can be very upsetting, particularly if you are doing everything by the book in order to be as heathy as possible.  In addition, as you start to age your metabolism may slow down a little.

This module tackles the issues of weight management, exercise and provides information which may help you deal with this problem if and when it arises.  This module will motivate you to eat correctly and exercise.  Diets set a person up to fail as the mindset that created those habits are not addressed.  If you have found yourself gaining and regaining weight, tried all the fad diets, and are now serious about making permanent positive change then this module is packed with information for you to reach your weight reduction goals.