Module 5 – Image Makeover




This Module Contains:

  • Projecting your authentic real image
  • Acknowledge your best assets
  • Learn how to dress and style yourself according to your personality and lifestyle
  • Know how to choose the correct clothes for your own body shape
  • Image boost exercises
  • See yourself as others see you
  • Body care
  • Grooming tips
  • Image consultations
  • The impact of colour
  • Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic enhancements

Are you still wearing the same make up, hair style and clothes as you did a few years back?  Do you feel lost in knowing where to start when it comes to taking care of yourself?  Would you enjoy knowing how to create an image that you enjoy looking at when you pass a mirror?

This module flows on naturally from Supercharge your confidence.  Your confidence increases as you learn to work with the natural body shape you have been given.  You will learn how to enhance your best features, downplay those that you prefer not to highlight.  Shopping for clothes becomes easier and more cost effective as you will know how to choose the right cuts, fabrics, and styles that suit you. No more costly wardrobe mistakes.  Have you considered cosmetic procedures or enhancements?  Are you ready for a fabulous change?  Then dive into this wonderful pool of information that guides you to make the best choices for you and your lifestyle.