Module 3 – Emotional Wellness




This Module Contains:

  • Techniques and strategies to feel more emotionally balanced
  • The happiness reset
  • Relaxation exercises
  • How to let recognize and let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Move through procrastination to get things done
  • Shifting your mind-set and perception
  • Embracing positivity
  • The Flourish Beyond 40 Self Hypnosis Course
  • The impact of gratefulness
  • The impact of imagery
  • Affirmations for personal change
  • Understand how the subconscious mind can help alter your habits
  • Defusion of negative emotions

During the menopausal years it is common to feel out of balance emotionally.  You may find that you feel tearful, angry, irritated and less tolerant in certain situations.  No one wants to feel this way, nor do you have to.  You already know that this phase of your life is natural and unavoidable. There are so many changes going on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally, that on some days you may look in the mirror and not quite recognise the person staring back.

This time of your life can be hugely empowering if you choose to see it that way.  It is the beginning of a new you.  Once you learn to embrace and accept the inevitable changes that are taking place and decide to work on all aspects.