Module 2 – Managing Stress Levels in Menopause and Beyond




This Module Contains:

  • How to “feel” better
  • Stress questionnaire
  • Personal deep dive questions
  • Discover your own stress levels and stressors and how to manage them
  • How to breathe correctly
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How mindfulness promotes a calm mind
  • The Flourish Beyond 40 meditation course
  • The six stress relieving empowerments
  • The breathing booster
  • Ten tips to mindfulness
  • The ten pillars of stress relief
  • The four aspect viewpoint
  • Action plan worksheets

Stress is unavoidable; it is something that we all feel at some time in our lives.  At the time of menopause whilst hormones are fluctuating on a daily basis, affecting moods, and wellbeing, the ability to cope with stress may feel even more overwhelming.

This module will help you to learn more about stress, and the impact that chronic stress has on your overall health, developing strategies and techniques that you can use immediately to feel better. Learn how chronic stress may be impacting your health.