Module 10 – Dealing With Loss




This Module Contains:

  • Definition of loss
  • Tools to happiness
  • Moving out of sadness
  • Mortality
  • Facing the fear of change
  • Widowhood
  • Retirement
  • Self-help techniques
  • Action plan
  • Dealing with all issues

You may be wondering why this module has been included within the “Flourish Beyond 40??? Women’s Wellness Programme.  The answer to that is that when we experience loss we have not been taught how to deal with it. Loss is the one subject that is not taught within the school curriculum, yet it is guaranteed that each one of you, and indeed, everyone in the world will experience loss of one type or another. Whether that is death, illness, loss of health, loss of relationship and many other losses, it is unavoidable.

There may be many changes that happen from mid-life onwards, and some of these changes are not planned and may not be welcome. Some of these changes can turn your life around in a huge way.  In this module, you will learn a little more about loss and some valuable ways to help you during these times, so hopefully those changes are not so traumatic for you.  People have a tendency to associate loss with death.  However, this is not the only form of loss.