Module 1 – Healthy Eating Habits for Midlife and Beyond




This Module Contains:

  • How to recognize the classic symptoms of menopause
  • Clean up the body of toxins and pollutants
  • 12 steps to hormonal health and wellness
  • How adrenal balance is paramount
  • Supplementation
  • How food sensitivities affect digestion
  • Healthy heart tips
  • Love your liver
  • Bone health
  • Self-help for hot flushes, low libido, stress, anxiety, headaches
  • Health and wellness affirmations
  • Your personal shopping list

Are you confused with all of the conflicting information regarding what to eat, and what not to eat?  Have you felt your body changing, gaining weight, feeling less energised?  Do you feel bloated after eating?  Are you entering the peri-menopause or menopause and want to clean up your eating habits and lifestyle?  Would you like to know how to eat for optimum wellness and vitality?

This module is packed with information and tips on how to incorporate healthy eating for your 40s and beyond into your lifestyle easily and effectively.  Building the foundation for a balanced midlife and beyond begins with the correct eating and lifestyle choices.  You will learn the importance of adrenal support.

The information of this Module is supported with the Healthy Eating MP3 Recording – Also available in the shop