Menopause and going on holiday to a hot climate can bring a new set of challenges to your plans.

We all look forward to going on holiday.  A time where we can do what we want, when we want, how we want.  We can forget the every day responsibilities of life such as housework, jobs, and all the other things on the daily “to do??? list.

Holidays are a time to just kick back, relax and chill, or not?  Staying cool while in the middle of a menopause on a hot climate holiday brings new challenges.

I have just returned from visiting my lovely home which is bathed in sunshine, nestled in the mountains, and five minutes from the beach.  This year was very different from last, because this year I am in the middle of menopause and  my internal thermostat has a mind of its own.



So while I sat at the pool in the shade with a cool flannel on the back of my neck, I felt compelled to share ways for you to have a more comfortable time while you are on holiday.  If you discover more of your own “cooling??? methods I would love to hear them as would many women I am sure.

1. Cotton and Linen are your friends in menopause

In fact the truth is that the least clothes you can get away with wearing is ideal.  However in public or out and about you will find that cotton and linen will be far more comfortable and cooler than synthetic fabrics. During menopause you may find that hot flushes are a regular occurrence.

Leave your skin tight body hugging clothes at home in a hot climate as you will find yourself peeling them off as they stick to your skin.

You may also want to dress in layers as some restaurants and other areas you wish to visit may have air conditioning. While this can be very welcoming, it can also feel too cool after a hot flush.  You can add a layer or peel off a layer according to your environment.

2. Swimming costumes don’t feel cool!

Maybe you haven’t worn a bikini in years, and you may be surprised that you are considering wearing one now. Why? Because swimming costumes can be extremely hot to wear and they do not allow your skin to breathe easily.



So while you may feel more confident in your one piece, you may have a huge urge to step right out of it during a hot flush.  There are many flattering bikinis around and let’s face it, at this time in your life it’s more important what you think about yourself than what others think about you.  So pop on your bikini, and if you feel self conscious throw on a lovely bright light sarong, or throw over.  Life is way too short to bother about other peoples opinions.

3. Spicy food and alcohol are no go!



It is a known fact that spicy food and alcohol during menopause are likely to increase the symptoms.  While you may feel tempted to tuck into your Thai green curry, or spicy chicken fajitas with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, you may want to reconsider the consequences against the pleasure.

Why not go for a lovely dish of steamed fish and salad.  Your body will thank you.

4. Cotton sheets and fans are a great choice


In temperatures of 40 degrees  it is highly likely that you will have the air conditioning on in the bedroom and a duvet on the bed.  This will generally result in the duvet being kicked off and pulled on several times during the night and a grumpy sleep starved disgruntled partner.

I found that by discarding the duvet, replacing it with a cotton sheet, switching on the AC two hours before bed very helpful.  I then purchased two fans for each side of the bed, my husbands side and my side, switching off the AC at bedtime.  Bliss for both of us.  I must admit to sneaking out of bed a few times and stealing his fan but he never knew.

5. Hand Fans


Much as you may have tried your best to avoid using one of these little contraptions, you may be welcoming one on holiday.  There will be times when you are outside sightseeing under the sun, or in a place with no AC, and you feel the familiar  menopause hot flush making itself known.

The instant cooling effect of the fan on your face and neck is going to help you feel a lot more comfortable, cool and happy.  There is nothing worse than feeling your face reddening and getting hotter and hotter at the most inconvenient moments.

6. Bed Snuggles


You may find the idea of lots of snuggling and post coital cuddles very romantic pre holiday.  However in reality this may change somewhat.  Having another hot body and legs and arms entwined with your own very hot sweaty body is going to make you feel like you are on fire, and not in the way you think.

Don’t be alarmed if you find your partner sleeping as far away from you as possible at some points during the evening.  The combination of both body heats together is likely to have increased their own internal body thermostat too.

7. Pool or Beach?

Some may argue that the beach is likely to feel more comfortable for you with a sea breeze to keep you cool.  Unfortunately on many hot days there may not be a cool sea breeze at all.  In addition to that, you may not also have access to a beach shower.  The sea temperature can be similar to a warm bath.

On the other side if you have access to a pool, it is highly likely that there will be a pool shower, and this can be a blessing along with a chilled swimming pool.  Imagine being able to step into the cool pool shower and then jump into the chilled swimming pool during a hot flush.  Wonderful.  It may be worth considering this before booking your next holiday.

8. Sense of Humour

There may be some tetchy moments or bitchiness on some days particularly when your partner has insisted on visiting somewhere in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest.  A sense of humour and being able to laugh at yourself goes a long way to easing what has the potential to be a volatile situation sparked by a sharp comment from one of you.

Time your day trips well.  Early in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is not at its peak temperature is ideal.  Choosing your sightseeing times and carrying your fan can make a potential great day even better and don’t forget to hydrate to feel great.

9. Hair up or down?


Having medium to long hair on a hot holiday may make it impossible to wear down during the day.  I am sure you are familiar with the back of neck sweats, and beads of sweat trickling between your breasts?

This can be relieved by wearing your hair up as  much as possible, not always the best look, but a cool breeze on the back of the neck feels wonderful during a hot moment.  Make sure you pack hair clips, bands, etc.

10. Choose your dates wisely in menopause

If you suspect you  are peri-menopausal or menopausal, and you will generally know this due to the symptoms you are experiencing. Then be wise in choosing the dates you travel.

It is possible that you are desperate for guaranteed sunshine, and booking the height of the summer season is going to make that a probability for you. However consider the last nine points above in your choice of dates.

Why not book just ahead of peak season, or at the end of peak season.  I tend to travel at the beginning of June, and mid September where there is still plenty of sunshine, and perhaps and occasional welcome cloud or two.

Staying chilled on a hot holiday during menopause does have its challenges, but by implementing some simple changes as mentioned above, you are far more likely to have a more comfortable time.

Packing List

Here is your packing list:

Hand fan

Hair accessories

Cotton and linen clothes



Light throw overs

Sense of humour

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Have a cool holiday!

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