The Insightful Way Collection of Journals




Journaling is a wonderful way to live your life in a more calm, peaceful, balanced way. A place where you can express your inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and inspirations. Developing the habit of taking some time out from a busy day to put your feet up, grab a cuppa and journal feels good on so many levels. Being able to make sense of the many thoughts that fly around inside the head is also an added benefit. People who have difficulty sleeping through worrying thoughts tend to find writing in a journal helpful too.

The wonderful thing about journaling is that you certainly don’t need any skill or writing ability. There is no need to think about grammar or judge what you are writing. It is an expression of what is being felt within the heart and the mind.

I hope you enjoy the selection of The Insightful Way Journals created from the heart and delivered from the soul. A truly lovely personal gift for yourself, family or friends. Unique, beautiful (even though I am biased of course), and a pleasure to work with.They have been designed to help you create change in your life. Whether you are into mindfulness, meditation, gratefulness, yoga, colouring in to reduce stress, health, and wellness, there are journals out there for everyone.Some people buy one Journal and some buy them all.

There are some lovely reviews from happy customers of the on the site. Why not pop over and have a read.

The Journals are packed with:

Thought-provoking questions

Actionable ideas

Inspirational meaningful quotes

Daily affirmations

Reflection pages

Goal setting

Diary segment

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The Insightful Way Journal

This is a 52-week life transformation Journal. Packed with actionable ideas, thought-provoking questions, encouragement, inspiration, information, quotes, affirmations, exercises and reflection pages to motivate you towards taking the action you need to get the results you want. A Journal that allows you to focus on creating a happier, healthier way of living.

The Lotus Gratitude Journal

Living in gratitude is one of the most positive and healthy habits to cultivate in life.  Every day is a gift and yet sometimes we take life for granted. You will notice that as you begin to use The Insightful Way Gratitude Journal that you may start to feel more positive, calm, and balanced.

The 12 Month Health Journal

A beautiful A5 12 month health journal. Each month brings in a new theme to help you live life in a healthier way.

I regularly meditate and journal. I have found Isobel’s journal particularly useful for provoking thought and making me look at myself deeper.

Interestingly too, on days where issues have been coming up for me, I have then looked at my journal only to discover the most relevant words and wisdom – synchronicity at its best. It really does feel that Isobel has been divinely guided to provide exactly what is needed at the perfect time for me. I can highly recommend it.

Fiona Fear

Isobel, I really don’t know where to start with regards to the new journal that you have published. I was looking for something last year that I could keep track of my thoughts – your journal hits so many buttons and I am truly blessed to have a copy. Everything you need is in one journal – your innermost thoughts that you can write and things that you can learn about yourself – each and every day. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and many others – I’m truly grateful.

Jayne Wickett

Isobel, what beautifully presented high-quality journal. It is so inviting with your wonderful insights and attractive colours with lots of space to write reflections and progress. I feel much more positive for looking through it and particularly like and feel grateful for your 10 Insightful Tips for a peaceful life.  This is going to be a brilliant year of wonderful change, thanks to you. You are a bright shining star!