Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage is an ancient holistic Ayurvedic therapy that people find deeply relaxing, physically, mentally and emotionally.  it has been used in India for many years as part of everyday family life.  It was brought to the West in the 1970s and was adapted to also include the upper body, face ears, neck, upper arms, and shoulders.

This is a lovely soothing treatment to help calm the mind, and relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back. Gentle but firm rhythmic movements are used to work through areas of tension.  Massage improves circulation and promotes a sense of wellbeing. It is a seated massage and perfect for reducing stress and calming the mind.


What can you expect?


The massage begins at the upper back, moving up towards the shoulders, neck and upper arms. Firmer pressure is used in any areas of knots and tension.  This may help to relieve headaches caused by tension in the muscles. The massage continues up towards the head, and techniques are used to relax, stimulate and revive the head area. Massaging the scalp promotes healthy hair. The massage concludes with a gentle face massage using techniques that may help tone, sinus issues, circulation, and headaches.

The massage can be performed with or without oils.


Possible Benefits

  • sinus relief
  • stress reduction
  • reduced muscle tension
  • relief of jaw tension (TMJ)
  • headache relief
  • promotes a sense of peace and calm
  • more clarity
  • better sleep
  • reduce anxiety