“A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success???

– Joyce Brothers

It is interesting to note that sometimes, when women decide to change their image, they sometimes bounce against resistance from loved ones.  This can come from the fact that they are loved by family, friends and partners just as they are.  However, the most important thing is how they feel about themselves.  It is better to make changes that you want and that you are comfortable making, rather than to make them to please someone else.

Image Makeover

As a woman approaches midlife and beyond it is quite common for her to feel a little confused and lost regarding a sense of style that meets who she is at the age that she is.  The styles that were popular a few years ago may not be looking as chic now as they once did.

I know in my own case that I found I could no longer get away with wearing certain fabrics well, and that the type of fabric cut and colour made a huge difference as to how I looked and felt in my clothes. My daughter has benefited from this significantly, and does most of her shopping from my past wardrobe mistakes!

There is no need to start wearing twin sets and pearls, or frumpy clothes just because you have moved into middle age.  Women have more stylish choices and options than ever before; and it is possible to look classy, elegant, stylish and sexy all at the same time and do it well.

Some would say that there are “rules??? to follow when you are a certain age in terms of the clothes you choose to wear, or how you wear your hair.  There are many women who still wear long hair beautifully, and many women who wear short spiky hairstyles really well too.

How do you feel when you see a middle aged women dressed similarly to her teenage daughter, perhaps in a midriff bra top and mini skirt skimming her bottom?  The image that you project out to the world is a reflection of your personality.  What is it that you are portraying in your choice of clothing?  How do you perceive yourself?

In these years of great change, it may be necessary to have a makeover with a makeup consultant.  Your skin changes with age and so does your skin tone.  Wearing the same colours and style as you wore in your twenties is not going to enhance your looks at all.

It may be necessary for you to invest in an image consultant who will work with you and your wardrobe to show you the best ways of highlighting your best features and downplaying those you are not particularly happy with.

Maybe you have found a hair style that you really want to try.

The bottom line is that when you feel good about yourself it shows in your confidence and the way you walk, talk and communicate with others.

Maybe it is time for to assess your own self-image at this time in your life and to start to implement changes that lift your confidence levels.

A few years ago I went to an Image Consultant who “did my colours???.  I was stunned at what a difference this made to my own confidence levels.  Certain colours can make you look fresh and energised, whilst others can be very draining. It also makes shopping very easy as you know which colours to look for and which to avoid.  The same applies to style.  A good personal shopper will lead you towards clothes that will look great on you.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make, it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you???– Robin Sharma

Even your underwear choices may come under some scrutiny in the middle years and beyond.  You may find that you veer towards underwear that is not so visible under your clothes and smooths out any bumps, rather than having visible panty lines.  It is all a matter of personal choice and preference.


Cosmetic surgery is big business these days and more women are opting to go down this path at a certain age.  I have seen some excellent work done on ladies and I have also seen horrendous work.  If this an option that you are considering, please make sure you thoroughly research your chosen cosmetic surgeon or Doctor.  Ensure that they have plenty of experience in the procedure that you want to have and make sure that you are realistic about the results that you expect. Cosmetic surgery does not solve your personal problems in any way, and in many cases does not help relationships as some may think.  Ask yourself if you want these changes for you or to please someone else.

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Have a wonderful day.


Isobel McArthur

Founder of Flourish Beyond 40

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