Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candling is a natural ancient therapy.  It is a pleasant relaxing treatment which lasts around 45 minutes.  The first appointment will take a little longer to accommodate filling in a general health questionnaire.


What to expect

You will be asked to remove your shoes and to lie on your side.  A protective cover is placed over your ear. The candle is placed gently inside your ear and allowed to burn down to just above the safety mark before being extinguished. Each candle has a safety filter.

There will be a light pressure and warmth which most people find very relaxing. You will hear crackling sounds as the candle burns which is perfectly normal.  The treatment will be repeated on the other side and concludes with a gentle facial massage.  You may wish to see the contents of the candle at the end of the treatment.

Many people who enjoy Hopi ear candling say that it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and provide a little relief from sinus and tinnitus problems. The experience is different for each individual. Choosing to add on Reiki adds to the feeling of deep relaxation and calm.  This is an option.