Surviving the menopause can be a challenging time in a woman’s life. But it can also be time of fabulous new beginnings. Especially with the correct guidance, support and motivation to help you along the way. We can help unleash Your inner Flourish Because…

There is so much more to “the change” than just the change

Do you suffer from…

The Flourish Beyond 40 Women’s Wellness Programme is a comprehensive system designed to help ladies like YOU navigate the challenges of midlife and beyond.

There are no fad diets, no fasting, no unrealistic goals; just a powerful combination of healthy eating, positive mindset exercises, successful strategies, tools and techniques, and lots of loving support and guidance.

In fact flexibility and accessibility are this programmes middle names….

You can select just the individual module or workbook you need and self-study at your own pace, or download the complete programme. You can also choose to work with a Flourish Beyond 40 Coach for the complete programme (recommended).

Flourish Beyond 40: The Complete Programme

If you would like to know more or to discuss which programme would be best for you, then why not book in for a free discovery call.  This allows you to ask questions, and to decide which option to take.

Still unsure? Then feel free to head over to the Reviews section of the site to read the fabulous testimonials by women who have all participated in the Flourish Beyond 40 Women’s Wellness Programme.

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Take a peek at the Flourish Beyond 40 modules and packages available for purchase in the shop Download the freebies available in the shop Interested in finding out more about working with me on a consultancy basis? – Get in touch

You’ll discover:

  • There is no need to feel as if you are drowning in a pool of messy hormonally-induced emotions
  • It’s not all downhill from the 40s onwards
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the amazing woman you are
  • How to live a life without stress
  • How you can be sexy and attractive at whatever age you are
  • The motivation to exercise more
  • Connections with other Flourishing Beyond 40 women
  • Ways of having more vitality, energy, and confidence
  • Simple lifestyle tweaks that will make weight management seem effortless (no matter how busy you are)
  • How to stay motivated

What do I pay?

  • Each individual Module/Workbook is £10
  • The complete Flourish Beyond 40 10 Module Self-Study Programme is £97
  • The complete Flourish Beyond 40 10 Module/Workbook Programme with ten email support £150
  • Individual coaching sessions with individual Modules are £50 pounds per session
  • Ten online Coaching sessions with the complete Flourish Programme is £450
  • Please enquire for VIP days or corporate pricing Speakers Fee £250 for a half day plus travel expenses

What benefits will I get? You’d better be prepared for some big changes because after commencing the Flourish Beyond 40 Programme you will likely be:

  • Feeling more body confident
  • Happier and more balanced
  • Enjoying upgrading your wardrobe and life
  • More energized
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices and changes
  • Enjoying life to the fullest
  • Unlocking the courage to go after what you really want in life

What do I receive with my purchase? You receive a comprehensive workbook/module that addresses a specific area of your health and wellness.  The workbook is packed with tools, techniques, information, strategies, and coaching exercises to guide and support you on your journey. You can choose to select individual modules, or you receive the most value by purchasing the complete programme. This represents a substantial saving for you.

You will receive ten Module/workbooks that you can go through in your own time at your own pace

Healthy eating habits for midlife and beyond

Managing stress in midlife and beyond

Emotional wellness

Supercharge your confidence

Image Makeover

Sexuality & relationships

Weight management & exercise

A holistic approach to wellness

Wealthy wisdom

Dealing with loss

Workbook Modules:

  • Healthy eating habits in midlife and beyond
  • Managing stress in the menopause and beyond
  • Emotional Wellness and Balance in the 40s and Beyond
  • Supercharge your confidence
  • Image makeover
  • Sexuality, libido, and relationships
  • Weight management and exercise
  • A holistic approach to wellness
  • Healthy wealthy Wisdom
  • Dealing with loss when it arrives


VIP Days

Flourish Beyond 40 VIP Half Day Package (3 hours)

Are you feeling that you need to make a change but don’t know where to start? Is part of your life out of balance and you feel less than happy? Have you let your health and wellness “slip” a little? What if you could spend three life-changing hours focusing directly on a mini life makeover Why not get a group of friends together and enjoy three hours of learning how to address your health and wellbeing? Or choose to work privately with Isobel in a safe, supported, lovely environment.


Flourish Beyond 40 VIP Full Day Package

Are you committed, determined and dedicated to making a positive change in your life?  Are you ready for a lifestyle, health, and wellness complete makeover?  Are you fed up with feeling:

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Unhealthy, overweight and unfit
  • Not knowing what healthy food choices you need
  • Lacking purpose and direction
  • Unattractive
  • Loss of confidence and self-esteem
  • Not knowing where to start


This is an amazing day where we can work together to map out your life and action plan so you can be the best version of you. Why not get a group of friends together and enjoy a fun day of wellbeing? Or treat yourself to a personal day working one to one. (Lunch and refreshments included) Why not order the 12 Month Health Journal, each month bringing in a new health theme. It’s packed with lifestyle coaching questions, information, tips, inspiration, quotes and much more.


Individual Flourish Modules are also available in our shop


“Highly recommended! Flourish Beyond 40 is vital for all women and full of motivation, inspiration, and information that are essential for their wellness. The program incorporates comprehensive modules and vital tools that help women continue to thrive and live a life of authenticity and joyI, personally, gained practical and valuable lessons to enjoy my journey and  stay well in my mind, body and spirit.”


“I started my journey with Isobel McArthur and then Flourish Beyond 40 as a stressed professional lady; juggling a demanding job, whilst caring for my elderly Mum. I was trying to be the best wife, mum, and nanna possible. I was infinitely aware I’d hit the perimenopause and was, quite truthfully, burned out, exhausted and somewhat resigned to the fact, ‘this is life!’ Not a pretty picture! 

However, I quickly learned that I wasn’t juggling, as I thought, I’d actually marginalized everything that was dear to me and had wrongly allowed my job to become the dominant factor in my life. I also realized that any ‘me time’ was, at best, a few guilty moments grabbed here and there. But best of all I learned, ‘this is not life!’

So, 7 Modules into Isobel’s inspiring programme and I’m now a professional lady with a stressful job; who has learned to incorporate harmony and balance into a busy schedule. I’ve learned how to relax, I’m learning how to meditate, I’ve tweaked my diet and exercise regime; ensuring it complements my perimenopausal state, I’ve also learned to manage my stress levels and my emotional well-being has had an overhaul.  And there’s still more to follow.

I was having lunch with a dear friend, last week, and she told me a story about women having a bowl of gold coins and how we invariably give them away to: our family, friends, jobs, work colleagues, etc etc; often forgetting to keep any in reserve for ourselves…So true, therefore Flourish Beyond 40 is my way of putting the gold coins back into the pot!  

I cannot recommend the programme enough nor Isobel’s unique and personalized approach to taking every step with you.”


The most amazing thing about the course is that I am being given support, answers and help with all the changes I am going through at this time of my life.  Going through this stage of life you often feel alone but Isobel has made me understand that I am not alone and I can get through this stage of life with help, support, techniques, tools and the strategies on the programme.

I receive advice, encouragement from a truly amazing lady (Isobel) who has an answer for all my woe’s, and if she doesn’t, you can surely bet that there will be an email in the coming days to give me the answer.

Since joining Flourish Beyond 40 I feel like I am turning back the clock. I have found new confidence in myself, learning to accept myself for who I am. I now question myself on what I am doing and why. I don’t want to give up just yet – I want to do more!

Age is definitely a lifestyle, not a number. I am so happy and feel very honoured to be on this programme but most of all very happy to realize there is a lot more in life to experience.

Isobel once told me that in life there are living angels, that help and protect us without us realizing at the time. Over the last couple of years, I have come to realize this is true and I am blessed that Isobel is one of my living angels that helps me through life. I highly recommend Isobel McArthur and the Flourish Beyond 40 programme to any woman in midlife and beyond.



“I first began working with Isobel a few years ago now and boy do I wish I had found her sooner. My reason for saying this is not only done Isobel make you feel instantly at ease, she is also very professional in her manner and knowledgeable in her work.  All of this and working from her heart allows you to take control of your life once again and to love the skin you live in.  In addition,n supporting you fully as you accomplish your dreams. Love this lady,  best coach, and therapist I’ve met.”


“Isobel is one of the most inspirational, experienced professionals I have had the privilege to learn from. She is my mentor and coach and qualified in a number of disciplines. She is also generous, gives whole heartedly and is extremely supportive. I recommend Isobel without a doubt and cannot thank her enough for her guidance.”


I suppose you could say I had cut myself off emotionally. It wasn’t just the negative feelings I lost, also the feelings of love, joy, and hope. Without knowing it Isobel started rebuilding me one piece at a time. The sessions were like sitting down with a friendly, wiser companion who gave a different perspective on how to look at the world, allowing me to see me and to also see a different perspective.

What really surprised me is that Isobel got me. She has the ability to detect my mood in a split second, how to nurture my single-mindedness, passion and determination and not to take away the real me. I’ve built on the skills I have learned and I am experiencing a life that is so much more positive, fulfilling and richer than previously.

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve.
Isobel McArthur is one such person in my life. Isobel is passionate about life and it shows through her energy and enthusiasm. Her easy going & friendly nature and professionalism provides a personality that creates a relaxed and powerful atmosphere. She makes you see yourself, places a high value on it being about you, motivates and pushes in such a gentle manner through your thoughts and emotions.”



“I would love women over 40 to know that it is a fabulous time period of their life and that anything is possible! I climbed my first mountain when I was 40 and it was the tipping point for a whole new career and sense of purpose.  Putting self-care first is so important, the relationship with yourself is the greatest one of all so nurture it daily!  Having known and worked with Isobel for many years  I am excited, delighted and ignited to see her continuing to be a guiding light for women. I cannot think of anyone more capable of doing so – you are a beacon of light Isobel, keep shining .”


“Life had battered me down.  Difficult relationships, feeling let down, lost and finally cancer came visiting. The journey was hard and lonely. I was left wondering what my purpose in life was. I had lost my way and I had to get it back. I embarked on the Flourish Beyond 40 Programme and I did not realize how much the programme would rebuild and strengthen me. Slowly I could feel a change in myself. My confidence grew every day.  I use the programme daily and am now studying for an MA at University. I have emerged healthier, stronger and wiser thanks to Isobel and the Flourish Beyond 40 Women’s Wellness Programme.