Why did I call this page passion and positive change? Well for as long as I can remember, my overriding passion has been to guide, encourage and support others as they navigate the stormy waters of life. I use transformational therapies, holistic wellness and workshops to both share information and inspire others to bring about a positive change in their lives, no matter what cards they have been dealt.

In addition, I am also the Author of a collection of Life Transformation Journals.



Live a life that you love!


I was born in Kenya and spent most of my life living in different countries around the world. Above all, this taught me the power of adaptability and resilience and I finally returned to the UK after 28 years in the Middle East and Dubai where I built my own very successful business in health, wellness, and holistic wellbeing.

Being no stranger to change and a great believer in “turning lemons into lemonade” I took many of life’s challenges such as leaving an abusive marriage, divorce, the death of my parents, as opportunities to grow, develop and continue to help others to create change within their own lives.

I am a mother to my lovely daughter and share my home with both a very patient husband and two big happy snoring lazy bulldogs.

“Clients gravitate to this warm-hearted, highly intuitive lady” as can be seen by the many Testimonials under the review section of the page


My Training


I have invested heavily in my training and travelled far and wide to learn from expert leaders in their field. I also hold a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences.


  • Hypnotherapy, hypnoBirthing, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Confidence, Behavioural change, Hyonofertility
  • BWRT Level’s One and Two (Brain Working Recursive Therapy)
  • Weight Management
  • Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Psychosexual Disorders Diploma
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP) and Coach
  • Holistic health and wellness, Reflexology – also working with cancer, palliative care, and fertility (over 20 years)
  • Stress Management
  • Reiki Master/Teacher (over 20 years), Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling
  • Professional Kinesiology
  • Ageing Unplugged Specialist (for the 40’s and beyond)

I have recently qualified in BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) a cutting-edge therapy that gets results fast sometimes within one session. Please visit the BWRT section of the site to find out more about how this incredible therapy may help you.

Change is inevitable and happens to every single one of us without exception.  We cannot change the external events that happen in our life, however, we can change our internal responses and reaction to it.


A mind focused in the right direction gets the best results


Change can feel challenging for many people, yet change is also empowering. My passion and purpose have always been in helping people navigate the stormy waters of life’s challenges. Helping others to be the best versions of themselves possible.

Working with clients locally and globally, life is never boring! I love watching people grow, flourish and turn their life around in the most amazing ways.

Please feel free to view the Services and Programmes on the site to see how you can change your life today. There are also some lovely testimonials you may find useful.

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Random facts about Isobel

I walk my talk and have probably stood where you are standing now

I’m passionate about helping people to live a happy, healthy, balanced, fulfilled life

I love to find something to laugh about every day

I love walking in nature, Reiki, meditation, reading, and learning

My life motto: Inner peace comes when you learn to value, appreciate, accept and love yourself as you are

I love to throw myself out of airplanes for charity

I can’t resist a good Thai Green curry


Public Speaking



It is always a pleasure to be invited to speak at events I and love teaching Workshops and courses online and in person worldwide. If you would like to host a Workshop or a talk in your country or area let us know.



What to expect from working with me?

My approach is gentle but firm. I am committed to your success and wellbeing as much as you. However, only you can do the work.  My aim is to nudge you along a path that empowers you to make great decisions, great choices, fulfill your potential, be happy, healthy and well, and most of all to enjoy life to the full!

I don’t have all the answers because they are within you and the actions you take.  I will not judge or berate you for the life you have led or lead.  In fact, your biggest teachers are your past mistakes. In the darkest times is where the biggest growth happens.

In the darkest times is where the biggest growth happens