Everyone wants to live life in a more peaceful, balanced, calm, way, yet find it so hard to achieve.  Why is this?

We know that life is incredibly busy and can become overwhelmingly stressful.  This is one of the reasons behind the creation of The Insightful Way journal.

My passion and purpose is in supporting and helping people navigate the journey of life, and to be as happy, healthy,  peaceful and positive as they can possibly be.

I knew I wanted to reach out in a wider way, and decided to create a journal/planner to help do that.


Pink Gratitude Journal

Journalling in itself is such a therapeutic useful tool for personal growth and development.

It is a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, goals, and aspirations in a creative peaceful way.  Peaceful journalling sings to your soul, yet nudges you to take action on the things you want to change in your life.

Change is inevitable

Change can be a scary or terrifying thing to contemplate.  Yet change is something every single person in life will go through. That is part of the flow of life.

We are growing and evolving every single day.  Change can also be incredibly empowering too!


Staying in a comfort zone may feel safe, yet there is no growth there.  Sometimes fear gets in the way of trying new things or experiences. Fear is also an emotion that keeps you stuck.

Pushing obstacles out of the way

We live a life of polarity, of ups and downs. peaks and troughs, happy times and sad times.  However, every day of life is a blessing.

There are people to meet, places, to go, adventures to have, things to learn. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to living life to the full is you!

When we move the obstacles of limited beliefs, perceived fears out of the way, life opens up.  To take a leap out of the comfort zone, allows you to discover the richness of the human experience and the possibilities of living life more peacefully.

10 Insightful Tips for a Peaceful Life


Let go of grudges and resentment

Holding onto negative emotions serves no purpose and drains your energy.  Imagine how much time and energy you can redirect towards your own life once you let go of grudges and resentment?

Let go of comparing yourself with others

No one can do you better than you!  It is a true saying that it is better to be a true copy of you than a poor copy of someone else.

Don’t compare yourself with others. You also have your own unique gifts to share with the world.   Comparing yourself with others is going to erode your self confidence and self esteem.

Instead acknowledge your achievements, no matter how small.  They are all significant. As are you.

Laugh Every Day

Laughter is good for the soul.  A good dose of laughter every day helps to lower stress levels and gives you an immunity boost.

Happy feel good endorphins are released and regular laughter promotes happiness and wellbeing.

Be with those that lift you up, and leave you feeling uplifted and happy.  Not everyone deserves a seat at your table in life.

Be with the happy souls.  Feed your mind with positive uplifting material and watch Movies that give you a giggle.  Take yourself lightly.

Let go of Anger

Find a way to vent  emotions in a way that causes no harm to yourself or another.  Doing so allows you to live life more peacefully.

When you think about how you feel after an angry outburst.  Words are spoken that are regretted later.  Throats may become sore through shouting and screaming.

There is certainly no peaceful feelings in anger!  Fatigue and tiredness may wash over you after an angry outburst.

Think of  a different way to vent your anger. Your mind and body will thank you.

Don’t put yourself Down

When you hear that little voice that whispers in your ear “you are not good enough, clever enough”. Stop! Challenge that voice, because you are enough, you are more than enough.

Look at how much you have achieved so far in life. Write it down in your journal so you remember.  Celebrate your small wins in life as well as the big ones.

Live in the Present

Being mindful and living in the moment, allows you to live life in the present.  Choosing to spend too much time in the past, or way out in the future means that you are missing the “now” moments.

The past has gone, tomorrow has yet to arrive. The only moment you have is this one.  Make it matter.

Exercise every day

Exercise is not about finding the time, it is about creating the time. Our bodies are designed for movement and there is a great choice of types of exercise programmes to follow.

We all have access to 24 hours a day and a personal choice on how to spend our free time.  A one hour workout is only 4% of your day.  Daily exercise has so many benefits such as:

  • release of endorphins
  • increased bone mass and muscle tone
  • more confidence and self esteem
  • liking what you see in the mirror
  • more energy and vitality
  • multiple health benefits

Life is all about a balance between work, rest, and play. Plus you are likely to feel great when you exercise regularly!

Forgive Easily

This can be a challenge for many.  Dig a little deeper and reflect on how much energy you will flow into your life once you move into forgiveness.

Generally the person you may be angry with is already getting on with their life oblivious to your anger.  Therefore they are still affecting you in some way.

Don’t speak ill of others

Ask yourself if speaking ill of others is adding value to your life or helping you grow?  Does it make you feel peaceful?

Speaking ill of others is wasting your time and energy on something that has no relevance or meaning in the big picture of your life.

If this is a behaviour you indulge in, then make a conscious effort to stop.

Practise gratitude and Appreciation


There are gratefulness pages in your Insightful Way journal to write down what you are grateful for daily.

Gratefulness helps to grow your goals.  Living life in appreciation and gratefulness promotes inner peace and happiness and feels good!

Inner peace and happiness is something we all strive for and is highly possible.  It is a true saying that while we cannot change the external events that happen within our lives, we can control the way we respond.

Have a peaceful day.